Alice S. Olson

Alice Sophia Dybdahl was born on March 3, 1906.  She was the middle child of 9, living on a farm in Black Earth, WI.  After she graduated from High School she traveled by train to nursing school in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she received her RN degree.  She worked as an RN for many years before meeting Nels Joseph Paul Olson at age 28, marrying at age 29.  They had 4 children, Pauline, Jim, Tom and Karen.  Alice worked as a nurse while raising the children and partnering with Paul in all of his endeavors. Much like Paul, she had a twinkle in her eye and had a unique gift for helping others. Doctors would often come to her to “sniff a patient,” for help in diagnosing diseases such as typhus, as she had a keen sense of identifying diseases and infections that doctors relied on.

As a child, Alice always dreamed of flying, she said she wish she had wings like an eagle.  She would climb to top of the highest tree and wish she could fly.  As an adult, she was known for her cooking and baking talents in addition to her other attributes.   She made apple pies from the apples of the tall apple tree in her backyard in Madison, WI.

Alice was an excellent nurse, loved by her patients and took wonderful care of them as she did her entire family.  She was the quiet, supportive partner who made sure others were recognized.  Alice lived to 100 years old, singing joyfully to all who attended her 100th birthday party “I am 100 years old!”