Wisconsin Nature Conservancy

In 1960, Paul and a handful of other Wisconsin environmentalists joined forces to save Abraham’s Wood, near Albany in Green County.  Paul along with the Department of Natural Resources spearheaded the effort, and Paul was elected the first chairman of the Wisconsin Chapter of the Nature Conservancy. 

In 1965, Paul became president of the Wisconsin Nature Conservancy, a post he maintained for 17 years.

Since its inception, the chapter has grown to include several thousand members.  The chapter purchased more than 2500 acres from Door County south to the state line, a parcel of  land that harbors Wisconsin’s rarest plants and animals. Lands purchased by the Nature Conservancy are typically given to universities for scientific study and research.

Paul had several other notable conservation accomplishments throughout his life.

These include being appointed to the Conservation Commission by Governor Nelson in 1959, where he served until 1965. In 1967, Paul received the National Wildlife Federation’s Conservationist of the Year Award. He was also a member of the Dane County Conservation League, and was secretary for 6 years.